Interview during EMO 2015 for EVO 545 ALU

Bonetti OPUS Cutting Solutions showcased their innovative, cost-effective and high-speed EVO 545 ALU band saw for cutting aluminum alloys. Bonetti developed the EVO 545 ALU in response to requests from customers for a more compact version of its successful twin-column horizontal EVO 720 ALU band saw.

Kerf is key

Reducing operating costs is made possible thanks to a reduced kerf. The reduced thickness of the material removed in the cutting process is a key advantage that band saws have over any circular saw.

“With the EVO 545 ALU the kerf is 1.5 mm, while for a circular saw it will be a minimum of 6 mm,” explained General Manager, Rodolfo Bonetti. “Our band saws have the same cutting speed as a circular saw, but with a kerf four times smaller, only half the power is needed to do the same job.”

The EVO 545 ALU has a blade speed of 3000 m per minute and a productivity rating of 3000 cm2 per minute. It is able to pay for itself in a very short time. Low energy consumption, combined with a cutting life of up to 2000 m2 per blade (the equivalent of 10,000 cuts on a bar 500 mm thick), can bring down the operating cost to as little as €0.05 per cut.

Green and safe

The EVO 545 ALU also scores highly on environmental friendliness, as well as in health and safety. “It produces clean, dry chips because it does not use water coolant and all the major movements are made by brushless motors and high-efficiency drives, which means the consumption of lubricants is very low,” continued Mr. Bonetti. “This machine only needs one kilogram of oil for a whole week of intensive production.”

It does not require an aspiration unit to remove emissions and the operator’s cabin is fitted with sound-insulating materials to reduce noise.

Mr. Bonetti added, “The EVO 545 ALU is a machine aimed at the future because it will be capable of being fitted with the newest reduced-kerf carbide blades when they come onto the market in the years ahead.”

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