The 2000 NCH-4 updates, key to success for the major European aluminum stock-holders.

It’s been 20 years since the first 2000 NCH was delivered, since then we have never stopped studying, inventing and listen to the demands of our customers; we went from time to time to make improvements to achieve, today, incredible results.

The new 2000 NCH, is capable of sawing aluminum plates up to 2000x6000x1000mm, without the need for refrigerants and without the need for chip extraction.

Many of our customers have decided to buy the 2000 NCH, because it is the only high-speed cutting machine for plates on the market able to ensure excellent cutting quality alongside a performance of exceptional tool life.

Our range of saws for aluminum is the most complete on the market, cenite to know them in our new factory Castelleone.