We design, we build, we invent sawing machines and plants for industry

Specialists in cutting difficult materials, we are the market benchmark in cutting aluminum and steel with high-speed.

We export cutting solutions, all over the world, following our customers with timely and precise support, helping them in choosing the best production set-up.

Perfection is the process, of improving something until it is faultless.

This is our aim and every action or consideration taken during the design of our products is made following our main keywords: improvement, betterment, refinement.

Every machine is new and is better than the one before, every machine is the result of a spasmodic search for detail, every machine best in is class because we are never satisfied with the achieved results, we always know we can do better and better.

Doing so we guarantee our customers to have the Best.

Bonetti is a company driven by passion.

Bonetti Cutting Experts are global sector leader that develops innovative, value added machines for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and Industrial manufacturing.


Quality, reliability, safety and longevity

Continuous technical innovation, safety, reliability and durability.
These are the characteristics of Bonetti's complete plants and substations for steelmaking plants.



Longevity of the system and correct maintenance go hand in hand

Active in 26 countries with more than 2000 tailor-made machines sold over the years, Bonetti produces plants designed to last over time.