• 600 NA
    • 800 NA
    • 1000 NA

    Front moving arc saws

    Front moving arc saws
    Robust and versatile machines, capable of sawing details with complicated shapes, exotic alloys, hardened, chromed steel.


    The characteristics shown in the table are not binding and may differ from the current models, please contact us for more details.

    Features600 NA800 NA1000 NA
    Cutting (mm)600 x 600800 x 8001000 x 1000
    Blade motor power (kW) 7,51115
    Bow stroke (mm)60010001100
    Features600 NA
    Cutting (mm)600 x 600
    Blade motor power (kW) 7,5
    Bow stroke (mm)600
    Features800 NA
    Cutting (mm)800 x 800
    Blade motor power (kW) 11
    Bow stroke (mm)1000
    Features1000 NA
    Cutting (mm)1000 x 1000
    Blade motor power (kW) 15
    Bow stroke (mm)1100