BONETTI 350 DG, absolute quality for mitring on stainless steel pipes.

New 350 DG stems from the pursuit of perfection in the cutting of stainless steel tubes for fittings.

It ‘a sawing machine with double grip vice for loading/unloading built to realize multiple cuts in degrees of tubes to produce fittings for the oil & gas ducts.

We wanted to realize a high-tech solution, with which we were able to minimize the dead times of positioning and double the cutting speed, while keeping an absolute cutting accuracy.

Currently there are no solutions to the market with the same level of productivity of the 350 DG, this cutting line is set to become the reference point for those who are constantly seeking to optimize their production processes, reducing waste and maximizing margins.

We have studied this application following the specific requests of some of our clients, who have submitted their problems and we were able to automate the entire production process providing the finished product in less time and without waste.

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