Bonetti participates in Imprese Eccellenti 2021

It was a great honor to have had the opportunity to participate in the first stop of the IMPRESE VINCENTI 2021 tour organized by Intesa Sanpaolo.

We were chosen from among 3500 candidates, for the great commitment to innovation that has always distinguished us.
Investing in innovation is a daily approach for Bonetti Cutting Experts, aimed at providing new and performing machines.

Maybe this is to the detriment of immediate profit, but keeping our products in a state of continuous evolution allows us to always be one step ahead.
Innovating means believing in it, only in this way can we look far.

Bonetti is the choice of WESTMETAL for the most advanced and performing saw on the market

In order to compete in an increasingly demanding market in terms of quality and speed of service, Westmetal relies on the New EVO 545 ALU.

The only high-speed aluminum bar cutting machine capable of cutting any aluminum alloy up to 550mm diameter in a few seconds.

Thanks to the great balance of all the components made to last over time, the remarkable rigidity, the structural integrity and the reduced operating costs, EVO 545 ALU can pay for itself in a very short time, thus becoming the most reliable partner in a long-term strategy for a rapidly evolving market.

Bonetti is the choice of Alimex Gmbh

Bonetti have provided last generation cutting solutions to all the Alimex plants worldwide.

Thanks to the unparalleled quality of its machines and unrivaled tolerances and performances, Bonetti can supply cutting systems with integrated handling solutions to empower your production and achieve incredible results.

See the machine at their


Our new company video is online!

Exploring new paths, with curiosity and consciousness is what lead us to new goals.

Bonetti is, Technology, Sharp Ideas, Passion, Experience, Performances, Quality.
For any material, any dimension, any need.

EVO 545 LINE Attitude to Success

When Constellium contacted us to create something complex and #innovative, we were immediately thrilled with the idea of being able to create something unique.
A machine capable of processing varied pieces and serving a robotic cell with great speed and absolute precision, an important challenge but one that pushes you to do better and better.

We have applied new technologies, specially designed with our partners, to achieve this exceptional result.

Now that we are only halfway through this incredible year, in which we have been close to our community and our collaborators, we have finally been able to successfully conclude the acceptance test of this new EVO 545 LINE; a tailor-made solution to be integrated into a production process without human intervention.

Carrs Tool Steel, talks about the incredible benefits obtained by investing in a Bonetti high-speed sawing machine.

Carrs Tool Steel, talks about the incredible benefits obtained by investing in a Bonetti high-speed sawing machine.

Made in the Midlands on Twitter: “It’s exciting times at Carrs Tool Steels, with major investments in their facility over the last 12 months.”

Watch the interview with Carrs Tool Steels managing director Andy Eastwood (you can watch here or on youtube)

Or discover more about the Bonetti 2000 NCH-4 vertical bandsaw at:

Company updates, goals and progress

For some time I have not updated this feed, and now it’s time to take stock of the work done so far.

2017 was a difficult year from the personal front but it was also a year of great corporate growth and of all the workers involved in the company; I would like to thank them all for allowing us to achieve new important goals.

The 40 years of activity with nearly 3000 installed saws, the 70 years of my father, the healing of my mother, the new life of my sister, the recognition of the excellence of our products in various market sectors that have allowed us to be now a point of reference thanks to the performances achieved.

Now it’s time to gather strength and push us towards new important goals, always committed to excellence.